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Monolithic Domes

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Sheffield Refractories Ltd
Manufacturer and installer of monolithic refractories. Located in the United Kingdom.

Monolithic Mastiffs
Canada. Champions and therapy dogs. Testing hips, elbows and eyes. Pictures, planned breedings, stud dogs.

Domes Northwest
Suppliers of geodesic domes serving the northwestern states of Washington, Oregon, Montana, and Idaho. Background, photos, ordering information.

Manufacturer of electronic and electrical connectors, snap domes and membrane switches.

Timberline Geodesic Domes
Design geodesic dome home packages . Product photographs and specifications, FAQs and online videos .

Felber Ornamental Plastering Corporation
Offering cornices, rosettes, brackets and corbels, sculptures, niches and domes.

Global Shakeup's
Unusual snow domes, snowglobes, and floaty pens from around the world. We make custom designs, too.

Geo Tech Systems, Inc.
Has selection of alternative housing and shelter products including domes, emergency shelters, greenhouses, vacation cabins, quonsets, and tents.

Chris Savage & Associates
Distributor of domes, cornices, vents, rosettes, fire surrounds, and moulding. Sydney, Australia.

Duplus Domes
Architectural glazing. Describes its history and product range of roof lights and curtain walling. Includes photos and descriptions of previous jobs.

Astro Haven
Fiberglass clamshell domes for observatory, planetarium, radar-tracking housing, portable bandstand. (Example of site to be moved to this category.)

Casablanca Domes
Square dome built one and two bedroom holiday apartments. Information and photos, rates and contact details.

SL-Rasch GmbH Architects
Special and lightweight constructions such as tents, umbrellas, fixed and convertible roofs, domes and sliding domes, pavillons and other special architectural design. Includes portfolio, history, project lists and contactsfor this German firm.

Millennium Domes
Modern and futuristic marquees for hire. Domes for all occasions, from weddings to corporate events. Also offers theming and party management.

Twice Touched Treasures Floral Preservation
Specializing in preservation of special occasion flowers. A wide range of domes, shadow and display boxes are available.

ESA International
Manufacturer and supplier of air domes for sports, industry, exhibition, protection and agriculture. View site in Czech, Dutch, English or Spanish.

Geodesic Domes and Homes
Geodesic dome houses custom manufactured and designed. Includes contact information and photos.

Dome Corporation of North America
Manufactures prefabricated wooden domes and barrel buildings for bulk storage, and conveyors. Describes company and products.

Brazil. Manufactures broad range of refractory products. Includes steelmaking lances, porous plugs, monolithic ladle lining, and special concrete for gunning.

Quality Manufacturing, Inc.
Provides creative signs, aluminum extrusions, vacuum forming, skylights, and domes.

Shelter Systems
Portable geodesic domes, greenhouses, yurts, emergency shelters, tarps, tarp fasteners, shade and solar structures and tents.

Mobile School Planetarium and Astronomy Shop - UK
Two domes able to welcome up to 70 people.

Monolithic System Technology, Inc (MoSys)
Offers licensable intellectual property (IP) to a one transistor, one capacitor SRAM cell. Also produces SRAM ICs that utilize the one transistor cell.

Geodesic Domes
Geodesic dome design software. Downloadable freeware for DOS, Windows and Mac systems .

Buckminster Fuller Institute
Biography and inventions, including geodesic domes, Synergetics, and a description of Design Science.

Domes International
Space age fiberglass structures and storm shelters. Includes descriptions of products and contact information.

Fitzgerald, Michael Allen - Zentropolis
Personal home page of Fitz. Travels, thoughts and adventures as he searches for meaning beyond the City of Domes.

Genesis II M
Suppliers of monolithic domes . Includes construction techniques, benefits, news and photo gallery.

Snowdomes Down Under
A collection of snowdomes, mainly featuring Australian locations. Most of the domes are of the plastic tourist type.

Ketza Pacific Construction Ltd.
Builds reinforced concrete domes and tunnels for industry.

Development of a 32-bit, monolithic kernal with preemptive, prioritized multitasking.

Composite Tooling Experts
Experienced with casting and machining products such as Invar, aluminum, monolithic graphite, steel, and super alloys.

A manufacturer of monolithic refractories and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, and copper industries in Africa. An affiliate of Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

Astro Domes
Telescope observatory domes for the home and serious astronomer. Site features specifications, photos and plan views of each product.

Ellenburg & Shaffer Glass Art Studio
Makers of classic architectural and art glass windows, doors and domes.

Good Karma Domes
Manufactures panel dome kits. Includes do-it-yourself plans, pricing, photographs, informational articles and related links.

Ultra Hard Materials USA
Manufactures monolithic CeTZP ceramic components and parts which are more wear-resistant and could last longer than steel.

Worldflower Garden Domes
Catalog of products, information and images of geodesic domes for use as greenhouses, shelters and other purposes.

Floral Techniques
Features bridal bouquets and other special occasion flowers displayed in frames, domes and shadow boxes. Includes images of their Lafayette, California studio.

Konosch Polska
Polish distributor of products and services based on the Dutch system Konosch, used in monolithic construction.

Performance Building Systems
Earth sheltered homes featuring structurally stronger domed roofs and monolithic concrete shells. Kits available and works with local contractors.

Euro-Seal Window Industries Ltd.
Manufactures, sells and installs monolithic unit windows. Includes descriptions of products with photos, company profile, and contact information.

British Conservatories
Conservatories, sunrooms, atriums, roof lanterns and glass domes built to your custom specifications.

RPS Engineering
Designs, manufactures and installs, permanent, maintenance free aluminum and fiberglass covers and domes for circular and non-circular tankage.

Wonjin Co., Ltd.
Producer and supplier of refractory products such as ceramics, basic and alumino-silicate bricks and monolithic and functional refractories.

Geodesic Domes
DOS and Windows utility for generating the coordinates of a geodesic dome or sphere.

Apex Microtechnology
Produces monolithic and hybrid high voltage and high power operational amplifiers, pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifiers, and motion control products.

Logan's Run CGI (L'age De Cristal)
Offers City of Domes, and movie props recreated in 3D CGI graphics. (In English and French; graphics intensive).

Glass Domes
Round and oval glass domes for clocks and collectibles.

Square Domes International
Square and rectangular dome designers for residential and any other use that can be thought of. Includes profile, ray traced examples and contacts.

Designs and builds domes and free form structures for architectural and industrial applications . Includes geometry, assembly options, completed projects and photo gallery .

Monolithic Dome Institute
Provides information on building reinforced concrete domes as earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant housing, churches and storage. Workshops and conferences, gallery of examples, faq and news.

Allied Mineral Products Inc.
Manufacturers monolithic refractories, precast refractory shapes, and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, copper, and power generation industries in Europe.

Solardome Industries Ltd
Southampton supplier of geodesic domes.

Extreme Architecture
Dennis Buggins (Restorations) in Canterbury offers gates, vases, wells and domes for external ornamental and functional use. Browse the online catalogue.

Domes Audio Video Environments
Home Theater systems. Includes specifications and service information.

The Mobius
OS for IA32 processors (i486 and up, and compatible), 32-bit graphical monolithic kernel, modular device drivers and GUI. Supports GCC (Cygwin), Visual C++, Unicode throughout; plans for many GNU tools are underway. [Open Source]

Galactica 360
Fiberglass, non-rotating observatory domes and freestanding observatories for amateur astronomers. Domes feature a counterweighted clamshell design. Also manufactures a unique portable bandstand.

Geodesic Domes and Homes
Geodesic dome houses custom manufactured and designed. Includes contact information and photos.

Inflatable Dome LLC.
Suppliers of inflatable domes and related equipment . Includes a listing of distributors, technical data and a video in AVI format .

Allied Mineral Products (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of monolithic refractories and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, and copper industries in Asia.

Ernest Wilson Company
Contractor for polyurethane spray foam applications including insulated monolithic roofs.

Airglass AB
The producer of monolithic sheets provides technical information, pictures and links to other resources.

Monolithic Dome Institute
Provides information on building reinforced concrete domes as earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant housing, churches and storage. Workshops and conferences, gallery of examples, faq and news.

Advanced Monolithic Systems, Inc
Produces operational amplifiers as well as ICs for power supply design (DC converters and voltage regulators, references, and detectors).

Geo Tech Systems Inc.
Offering affordable aluminum framed alternative structure kits with instructions including geodesic domes, quonsets, and dome homes.

Find information about builders, architects, and engineers of monolithic domes. Includes a bulletin board system to find answers to questions .

Mountain View Freeze Dry
New England studio specializing in preservation of wedding designs with displays in domes, frames, jewelry boxes and hand crafted coffee tables.

Starnet International Corporation
Design and builder of spaceframes, domes, canopies, skylights, and specialty structures. Projects, contact information, and specification.

Snap-Dome Products
Manufacturers of tactile domes for membrane keyboards and switches with online quotations and technical data.

Terrazzo Art Fidelity
High-end loudspeaker built using a monolithic polycrete speaker cabinets.

Monolithic Dome Institute
Provides information on building reinforced concrete domes as earthquake, tornado and hurricane resistant housing, churches and storage. Workshops and conferences, gallery of examples, faq and news.

Geodesics NZ and J.W.Rich, Epsom
Designs and build geodesic domes as houses, churches, theatres and for commercial purposes both in Australia and New Zealand.

GNU Shtool
A collection of portable shell scripts compiled into a monolithic utility by the Free Software Foundation.

Tandex Test Labs, Inc.
Custom packaging of hybrids, optoelectronics, fiber optics, SMT, monolithic, obsolete parts and custom ASICs.

The Domes (Baggins End)
The Domes (Baggins End), student housing cooperative located on the University of California Davis campus, California.

DeRoberts Gifts
Large selection of glass domes, doll cases, and collector cabinets for collectibles.

Domes International
Space age fiberglass dome structures.

Offering swimming pool domes designed to be owner installed.

Adobe Domes and Vaults
Low cost adobe housing for desert areas, roofed with woodless vaults and domes.

In Her Majestys Service
Sells a variety of Musical Snow Globes, PERZY Austrian Snow Globes ,KOZIOL German Snow Domes, Snow Globes for Children and Special Occasion. Lucite and plastic Water Domes. On-line ordering.

Applied Geodesics, Inc.
Gazebo style products, Clarity Domes, protect spa users from the wind and rain yet virtually disappear on a clear night.

CSC Domes
Supply temporary, inflatable plastic domes.

South East Domes
Bolt-together dome home kits and plans. Many models to choose from.

Ash-Dome from Ash Manufacturing
Design and manufacture of high quality observatory domes for professional and amateur astronomers and institutions.

Grasical Domes
Plans and kits for building dome structures for playgrounds , housing and temporary shelter.

Solardome Industries Ltd
Manufacturers of a standard range of fully glazed geodesic domes used as greenhouses, sunrooms, garden rooms and spa/swimming pool covers.

Albata Geodesics
Provider of geodesic dome kits for the do-it yourself domebuilder. Includes pricing, product photographs and informational article on wooden domes.

Building Big
Explores the world of megastructures, including bridges, domes, skyscrapers, dams, and tunnels. From PBS.

The Noble Sanctuary
A guide to Al-Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem - 35 acres of fountains, gardens, buildings and domes. At its center is the celebrated Dome of the Rock.

Custom Display Designs
Manufacturers of framed acrylic domes.

Worldwide Tents
Sales, rentals and installations of air domes and conventional tents throughout the world.

Kubler Kavanagh, Cornelia
The stone carvings of Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh speak the language of a sculpture that is timeless. They are monolithic, asymmetrical, abstract and serene.

Light Power
A variety of antique lighting fixtures from inverted domes to wall sconces. Gas and electric fixtures are also available.

Bulk-Store Structures Inc.
Manufactures and markets prefabricated laminated wood domes, and barrel buildings . Includes elevation drawings and capacity charts .

Red Sky Shelters
Makers of the Yome which combines features of yurts and geodesic domes. Available custom-built or as a do-it-yourself kit.

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